Playing mobile games has become the everyday norm, and the industry is booming. New mobile games are being released every day and they aren’t all being published by major gaming studios. A lot of the mobile games we all want to play are published by smaller independent studios – and they deserve to be protected just as much as titles published by AAA gaming studios.

Mobile game protection is affordable for everyone – big or small 
There seems to be a misconception about only large gaming studios being able to afford to protect their mobile games. The truth is, for your monthly coffee budget, you can secure your mobile game from piracy and cheating which benefits everyone in the long run: players, communities and studios.

Denuvo Mobile Protection secures your game and revenue to help keep games fair and fun for everyone. It’s affordable by all, easy and fast to implement, integrates in minutes – (not days), doesn’t require any game source code modification and requires little to no effort by publishers or developers. All with zero effect to a legitimate gamer’s experience.

Mobile Game Protection for all Gaming Studios - 

big and small

“Creating a fair playground for our audience is a top priority at Traplight and securing our products with Denuvo is a major part of achieving that priority. Bringing fairness back to gaming is an essential part of both ours and Denuvo’s long term mission and to be able to secure our games with trusted technology is something we’re confident in.” - Traplight

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Denuvo is the global #1 Games Protection and Anti-Piracy Technology Platform with 350+ million software licenses issued and revalidated.

If you are interested in a real-life example of how Denuvo Mobile Protection can work for your studio, download our Traplight case study!

Denuvo Mobile Protection:

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