Cybersecurity threat, and a solution for a ‘new normal’

COVID-19 has transformed our homes into offices, schools, gyms and theatres. During lockdown, home broadband has become a lifeline for tens of millions of people, keeping them entertained, informed, educated and in employment.

But in staying home to guard against a deadly virus, have we been exposed to increased risk of cyberattack? And how have the extraordinary events of 2020 affected consumer attitudes to cybersecurity in their own homes?

To find out, Irdeto commissioned an independent survey of more than 4,000 consumers in the UK, USA, France and Germany. Conducted during April 2020, the results highlight:

•How much consumers know and care about cybersecurity in the home 
•How much consumers are willing to pay to improve their cybersecurity
•The biggest areas of concern for consumers in terms of online safety 
•What parents fear most about their children going online
•The role of COVID-19 in consumer attitudes to online safety
•Different perceptions of security for personal data vs company data for home workers 
•What’s really stopping consumers from improving their cybersecurity

Lockdown restrictions are being lifted across the world, but cybersecurity issues will not disappear. Governments, employers, and particularly ISPs have significant role to play in helping consumers navigate this growing threat.

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Consumers are willing to pay to improve their home cybersecurity. So what’s holding them back?