Telemedicine Cybersecurity Report:
 iOS Patient-Facing Mobile Apps

In this white paper, Irdeto identified five popular patient-facing iOS telemedicine mobile apps that offer on-demand virtual visits direct to customers through the App Store and performed an extensive cybersecurity threat risk analysis of these apps.

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This in-depth white paper includes:

- The extent to which advance software security tools and secure coding method are used in these apps to protect the following:

o Application code
o Sensitive data
o Critical algorithms
o Cryptographic information
o Connectivity to backend platforms

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- The current state of cybersecurity practices in the patient-facing mobile app space to critical stakeholders in the telemedicine industry, such as service providers and third-party app developers. 

- The data flows and the encryption schemes employed by telemedicine providers and the areas of concern that could potentially expose private and personal user data, as well as Protected Health Information (PHI) to untrusted third parties.

Did you know?





The annual percentage of patients who virtually met with their doctors in:

*(estimated total revenue for the telemedicine market was US$3 billion)

*(estimated total revenue for the telemedicine market in the next few years: US$250 billion