Mobile Apps are the new endpoints - 

How to address their security?


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Mobile apps are everywhere and with them being the new endpoints, it’s essential to protect them in order to protect your IP algorithms, revenues and those who use it. In this white paper, we expose what hackers can do to your apps and detail why app protection has become critical. 

Through case studies, we investigated the more regulated industries: healthcare, Fintech and automotive and look to these regulations to understand what we need to do to protect mobile applications and meet industry requirements.

How can manufactures and organizations meet regulations and compliance requirements?

Irdeto’s Trusted Software solution is here to help.

Learn why app protection has become critical

Trusted Software is part of the family of Irdeto Security Services. These new managed services have been created to enable quick and effective security, particularly on edge devices where the risk of compromise is greatest. Starting with the world’s best code protection technology, Cloakware® Software Protection, Irdeto Security Services work flexibly with the business model of our customers to maintain safety and security at the edge, backed by 24/7 support from our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Part of Irdeto Security Services

Trusted Software offers a defense-in-depth approach to protect the integrity of mobile applications, thereby helping to protect users.

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