Digital piracy: the growing threat and how to fight it


COVID-19 has boosted online content consumption including premium VOD and streaming sports. But it also means that high-quality digital content is more vulnerable to theft. The stakes for content asset owners have never been higher.

To combat piracy, industry players must work together and tap the power of advanced techniques such as digital watermarking and online piracy detection. 
This webinar looks at the evolving landscapes and the solutions available to help content rights owners protect their assets:

• The key trends in content and revenue theft

• The importance of a holistic approach to tackling piracy

• The role of digital watermarking in securing revenue and identifying sources of piracy

• The role of online piracy detection services in tracking and removing infringing content

In his opening presentation, Omdia’s Merrick Kingston addressed:

• How and why does complexity within the media value chain get complexity within the security chain?

• To what extent does an evolving digital media ecosystem demand new approaches to encryption and anti-piracy?

• Just how vulnerable are B2B contribution networks?

• Can content security technology create value, or is it destined to remain a cost of doing business?

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