Securing Connected Medical Devices for Better Patient Outcomes

In 2020 due to the effect of COVID, there is an accelerated shift to remote care delivery and patient management. As a result, the cybersecurity risks landscape of connected medical devices has broadened.

What is your role in keeping patients safe, securing data privacy, and reducing potential liability from cyber breaches through the connected medical devices you prescribe, design, or distribute?

Join security leaders from AbedGraham, Siemens Healthineers, MedSec and Irdeto to discuss point-of-care-wide best practices and current technology solutions requirements to defend against potential risks and dangers to your patients and your organization.

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Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications for video entertainment, video games, connected transport, connected health and IoT connected industries. Irdeto’s solutions and services enable customers to protect their revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime effectively. With more than 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s software security technology and cyberservices protect more than six billion devices and applications for some of the world’s best-known and loved brands. With a unique heritage in security innovation, Irdeto is the well-established and reliable partner to build a secure future where people can embrace connectivity without fear.

How to manage cybersecurity risks to medical devices with defense-in-depth security to protect data and integrity?

What good cybersecurity risk management of connected medical devices looks like in the digital health ecosystem?

Explore the recent development in medical device cybersecurity regulatory policy and regulatory requirements in critical global markets.

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Risks, Regulations, and Ransomware:
 How a Holistic Approach to Securing Connected Medical Devices Will Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

In this session, you will learn the following:


Steeve Huin, Chief Marketing Officer and GM Connected Health, Irdeto

Dr. Hans-Martin von Stockhausen, Chief Product and Solution Officer and Sr. Product Manager Cybersecurity, Siemens Healthineers

Dr. Saif Abed, Director of Cybersecurity Advisory Services, AbedGraham

Michelle Jump, Global Regulatory Advisor, Medical Device Security, MedSec

Moderator: Laura Beth Ezzell

Webinar on Demand

Watch the Webinar on Demand