IoT and Medical Devices - Strategies, Opportunities and Cyberthreats

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) links products, processes, platforms, and people and creates a new ecosystem where data becomes the building block of all interactions. IoMT ecosystem shares data in real-time and makes it continuously available for multi-faceted analysis and integrated decision making. It is a matter of real concern that IoMT would intensify the safety risks and make the industry more vulnerable by unfolding a new and more lucrative opportunity for hackers to seize devices and project threats. A 2018 survey by Irdeto shows that 82% of healthcare organizations experienced an IoT-focused cyberattack in that year where 30% of them potentiated to compromise end-user safety.

This webinar will discuss the impact of cyberattacks on healthcare organizations, vulnerabilities that exist, current security measures that should be in place and what healthcare organizations need to do to build out their security strategy.

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