Gamers may cheat to gain an unfair advantage in competitive tournaments or even to help build their subscriber base on Twitch. Regardless of motivation, one thing is certain: gaming communities will abandon games with cheats in search of a fair, multiplayer experience.

Join Michail Greshishchev as he explores: 

  • Which critical security features a multiplayer title must have today
  • Why publishers should expect cheaters to infiltrate every multiplayer game
  • Why the "kernel-mode" anti-cheat approach is such a hot topic
  • Anti-Cheat myths, such as performance overhead
  • Types of threats addressed by Denuvo Anti-Cheat

Keynote: Michail Greshishchev, Product Owner, Denuvo


Michail is a software engineer with a passion for reverse engineering. His career revolves around software reliability & safety critical systems. In his spare time, he enjoys disassembly, static and dynamic analysis of software and hardware, indie game development, and working on machine learning projects. His recent accomplishments were contributing a security analysis framework to Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), enabling automotive manufacturers to protect future cars from cyber-attacks, and winning a US Navy CTF hacking competition in Austin, Texas. Presently, he is a product owner at Denuvo.

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What does it take to catch a cheater in 2020?


Gamers have unprecedented access to cheats for competitive multiplayer games; motivations for cheating are plenty. 

But whatever the motivation for cheating, the outcome is always the same...