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'Inside the mind of a hacker’ sounds a bit like the title of a psychological thriller. You can just picture the main character as a lone wolf, up in the early hours of the morning, crafting the perfect hack to create havoc across the world. 
Reality is very different. Criminal hackers work like any other business, as part of commercial - albeit illegal - networks, with clear business models. We have come a long way from the lone hacker stereotype.

This white paper details what drives criminal hackers and how they go about realizing their goals. It also goes into great technical detail on a range of anti-hacking techniques and the type of cyberattack they prevent, such as: 

  • Code and Data Entanglement
  • Data and Data Flow Transformations
  • Control Flow Transformations
  • Branch Protection
  • String Transformations
  • API Protection
  • Whitebox Cryptography
  • File Encryption and Secure Storage
  • Integrity Verification
  • Anti-Debug
  • Anti-Hook
  • Fingerprinting
  • Diversity and Renewability
  • Entanglement

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Inside the mind of a hacker

It's surprising that in today's hyper-connected world, we are still approaching software security the same way we did 20 years ago.  This white paper presents a radically different view. One that focuses more on what criminal hackers are trying to accomplish, and that starts from the premise that our software runs in an accessible, and therefore, hostile environment.

Technical White Paper

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